The Authentic tasks

As we are doing our project and involve in activities, we are actually doing authentic tasks.
The authentic tasks are meant to demonstrate our understanding of …
  1. How safe are the foods that we eat?
    Students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of…
    • different types of food additives e.g. coloring, preservatives, flavor enhancers etc by identifying known food-additives in the food they eat and the reasons for their use.
    • how food-additives are currently being used in a wide range of available food-products.
    • the impact food-additives may pose on human health.
  2. What can we contribute to make our food safer for us?
    Students should be able to use knowledge of food-additives to…
    • describe different ways to influence and ascertain safe use of food-additives.


The product/performance will be analyzed for understanding based on the content rubric and product rubric.