Food additive is the substance that added willfully into the food in small amount, the purpose is to improve the appearance, flavor, teksture, and extending the expired period. The other function is to increase nutrition value like protein, mineral and vitamin. Food additive have been used for a long time ago. Food additive is divided into two, that is natural and synthetic food additive.

In this website, we want to explain to you about food colouring substance especially Rhodamine B. The colouring substance added in food to make the food is more interesting. But not all the colouring substance is safe for us and there are some colouring agent that not permitted to add on the food because can affect our health and can cause sickness. One of them is Rhodamine B.
food colouring
Why we choose Rhodamine B? because many people or consument do not know about the effect if consume the food that contain Rhodamine B. And we want to increase the awareness of the people about the danger of Rhodamine B. And we think it is important to give information to the people about this substance
And also in this website we want to investigate and introduce to you about what is Rhodamine B, where can we found it, the usage in industry and what is the effect for our health if we consume, and any other. This website contain 4 main page, that is :