Saccharin Effects
Positive Effects
  • One positive effect of saccharin is that it contains no calories. Foods and beverages can be sweetened with saccharin without increasing the caloric value. Saccharin is also safe for diabetics since it does not raise blood glucose levels.

Negative Effects
  • Whether saccharin causes cancer remains debatable. Although studies suggesting saccharin is a carcinogen date back to as early as the 1960s, the first major study to grab the public attention occurred in 1977. The Canadian Saccharin Study by D. L. Arnold and his associates, which was published in the July 1977 issue of Science magazine, showed cancerous bladder tumors in male rats who consumed saccharin. After this study, the FDA proposed a total ban on saccharin but Congress allowed saccharin to remain on the market as long as it was sold with a warning that use of the product may be hazardous to health. Since then, additional studies have shown that saccharin is safe for human consumption but many organizations such as the Center for the Science in Public Interest (CSPI) believe saccharin is probably a weak carcinogen and more testing is needed.

Beside that, Saccharin is the oldest artificial sweetener that found by Fahlberg. there are many issue that saccharin is carcinogenic if we use this substance excessive consumption. Sometimes, artificial sweetener usually give some effect like headache, amnesia, confuse, insomnia, side iritation, asthma, hypertension,diarrhea, stomach ache, allergy, impotence, and sexual disorders, baldness, and cancer.

Saccharin was first categorized as a carcinogen, a substance causing cancer, in the 1960's, but it was in 1977 that the definitive study, that caused panic regarding the use of saccharin, was published. This study showed that male rats displayed the growth of cancerous tumors in the bladder, when they consumed saccharin. Banned in Canada, the US FDA also proposed a total ban on saccharin, but failed in the face of public pressure. The US Congress allowed people to buy saccharin as long as manufacturers packaged it with a warning that it was potentially hazardous to health. But this label was removed in 2000, when multiple subsequent studies showed that it was safe for human consumption.

But, Development country now had gave commment that this substance cannot use again for some drink and food. But i had been found product that contain saccharine like Coca Cola Zoro Sugar and Sprite Zero Sugar.

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